Other Auspicious Days & Holidays 2017-2018

Rath Yatra
July 14, 2018 (Saturday)

Spectacular temple-festival in Puri, Orrisa. Huge chariots arte taken out in honuour of Lord Jagannath.

Naga Panchami
August 15, 2018 (Wednesday)

Festival in which the cobra is worshipped in the form of Sesha,the thousand-hooded serpent.

Raksha Bandhan
August 26, 2018 (Sunday)

Celebrated mainly in northern & western India.Sisters tie silken, colourful rakhis (amulets) around their brothers’ wrists and pledge their love for each other.

Teej Fair
September 12, 2018 (Wednesday)

Rajasthani festival to welcome the advent of monsoon. (Teej Fair Jaipur 14-15 August, 1999)

Ganesh / Vinayak Chaturthi
September 13, 2018 (Thursday)

Clay models of Ganesh, the auspicious elephant-faced god, are worshipped and taken out in grand processions to be immersed in the sea or a lake.

Pushkar Fair (Ajmer)
October 28, (Saturday) - November 4, 2017 (Saturday)

Huge cattle-market and camel-fair at Pushkar, Ajmer Rajasthan.

Bhai Duj
November 9, 2018 (Friday)

Makrasankranti (Uttran)
January 14, 2018 (Sunday)

Basant Panchami / Shri Panchami
January 22, 2018 (Monday)

Spring festival in honour of Saraswati, the Goddess of learning

Maha Shivratri
February 13, 2018 (Tuesday)

Festival devoted to the worship of Shiva, one of the most powerful deities of the Hindu pantheon

Cheti Chund
March 18, 2018 (Sunday)

Mewar Festival (Udaipur)
March 18, (Sunday) - March 20, (Tuesday), 2018

April 13, 2018 (Friday)

Celebrated in northern India, this festival marks the beginning of the Hindu solar new year.